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Giorgio (2010) Producer, Director, Photographer. Giorgio has created paintings on Venice’s Piazza San Marco for 35 years. Crowd-pleaser, showman and “bait,” he makes a living selling these memories of Venice to throngs of tourists. Then he goes home to create his real artwork.


Women in Film - a general breakdown.

A depressingly general breakdown but also very informative. Women buy half of the movie tickets and yet representation in films - and work on film sets - remains abysmally low.

New York Film Academy takes a look at gender inequality in film

"Olivia" - a United Way Success Story

"Olivia" is a 2 minute story about a young girl in an early education program through United Way of Greater Milwaukee.

As a documentary filmmaker, I like to allow plenty of time to film with my subjects - especially children. You never know how long people will take to warm up to you or to the camera and everyone will be happier if you take your time. I didn't have as much "warm up" time with Olivia as I would have liked... but this effervescent chatterbox did not need it. She was so happy to talk about books she loves to read, her mom and dad, her puppy, going to the beach, what she likes for lunch. She made my part effortless (except trying not to laugh on camera) and I smile every time I watch this.


"Young" - a United Way Success Story

"Young" follows Fondy Farmer's Market Executive Director, Young Kim, as he explains the importance of this farmers market in a depressed area of Milwaukee. Funded in part by United Way of Greater Milwaukee, this farmers market is an essential anchor to the community.

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